Evening Standard, 14th September 2016

If it's good enough for Theresa May...

Prime minister Theresa May and her husband Philip clearly appreciate the peace, beauty and safety of Switzerland enough to holiday there last month, and for many cautious holiday home buyers it's the standout country of choice. The solid Swiss national characteristics of dependability, financial integrity and calm stability make a winning combination.

"Switzerland is the cheapest country in continental Europe to borrow money", says Jeremy Rollason of Savills Alpine Homes. "Its attractivness to investors post-Brexit has only increased because it is seen as a stable economy and a safe haven to shelter wealth."

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Verbier Life, summer 2016

The Alpine Homes team tell us why we take a walk to Patier....

When you board a 747, most people would like to "turn right and go up the stairs". Here you are cosseted in luxury and are served some of the best food and wine that the airline has to offer.

On arrival in Verbier, most people probably do turn right at some point and climb up towards Medran or indeed venture higher up the resort towards Les Esserts or Sonalon. But what if you were to turn left on entering the resort? By doing so, you would find yourself in the underrated area of Patier. Here, you will enjoy a bright south/south east orientation and some of the best views towards Italy and France that Verbier has to offer.

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Financial Times, 6th February 2016

Verbier, Switzerland, and the impact of second-home restrictions

In 2012, Swiss democracy delivered, on the face of it, a strident act of popular isolationism.

As is every Swiss citizen's right, the environmentalist Franz Weber tabled a motion for a nationwide popular vote designed to curb the number of second homes in the country. Weber hoped to restrict the number of so-called "cold beds" created by owners who were absent most of the year. He also hoped to help preserve the environment and dampen speculative development projects that, he believed, were driving up Swiss house prices. The solution Weber proposed was to limit second homes in Swiss towns and villages to 20 per cent of total housing stock.

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The Times, 22nd January 2016

Ski in the winter, walk in the summer

Investors are choosing Austria for its great resorts which offer unbeatable value and year-round returns.

British skiers heading back from the pistes this year will have one thing on their mind - how to make the dream of buying their own chalet a reality. Those who consider their options carefully will be taking a close look at Austria, where chalets can be bought for up to half the price of similar properties in Swiss and French resorts and can deliver greater year-round rental returns.

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