Verfolgen Sie unsere Nachrichten und Veranstaltungen mit Informationen zu allem, was sich auf dem Schweizer und österreichischen Immobilienmarkt ereignet. Alpine Homes hält Sie auf dem Laufenden!


Your health is our priority - Votre santé est notre priorité

To our dearest Alpine Homes clients,

As a result of the global concern related to the Coronavirus outbreak in Europe, we have decided to take the necessary measures at Alpine Homes. The Alpine Homes team want you to know that your health and safety is our priority. We’ve always taken great pride in our clients' loyalty, and we know this is more important than ever right now.

For the time being, we remain available and attainable, via our phones and emails at all times. Until further notice about the Swiss government regulations we will continue our viewings with the necessary measures of protection and precaution. The Alpine Homes team is working around the clock to make sure that all owners, buyers and clients can be assisted by one of our team members as normal. Regular updates will be made on our Instagram and Facebook pages as well as our website

At the center of our company’s purpose is a commitment to help each other, and it is something we take to heart in good times and bad times. Therefore, we will be working hard to keep you on board with the current situation. In these difficult circumstances, we wish to express our solidarity with those affected.

If you wish to contact us please send an email to or give us a call +41 27 323 77 77.

We look forward to a positive Spring and Summer in the Alps and remain at your service throughout.

Your Alpine Homes Team


Chers clients d'Alpine Homes,

En raison de l'inquiétude globale liée à l'épidémie de Coronavirus en Europe, nous avons décidé de prendre les mesures nécessaires chez Alpine Homes. Notre équipe tient à vous informer que votre santé et votre sécurité sont nos priorités. Nous avons toujours été très fiers de la fidélité de nos clients, et nous savons que cela est plus important que jamais en ce moment. Actuellement, nous restons disponibles et accessibles, via nos téléphones et nos e-mails à tout moment.

Jusqu'à nouvel ordre sur les réglementations du gouvernement suisse, nous poursuivrons nos visites avec les mesures de protection et de précaution nécessaires. L'équipe d'Alpine Homes travaille 24 heures sur 24 pour s'assurer que tous les propriétaires, acheteurs et clients peuvent être assistés par l'un des membres de notre équipe comme d'habitude. Des mises à jour régulières seront effectuées sur nos pages Instagram et Facebook ainsi que sur notre site internet

L'objectif premier de notre entreprise est de s'engager à nous entraider et cela nous tient à cœur dans les bons comme dans les mauvais moments. Par conséquent, nous travaillerons dur pour vous tenir au courant de la situation actuelle. Dans ces circonstances difficiles, nous souhaitons exprimer notre solidarité avec les personnes touchées. Si vous souhaitez nous contacter, veuillez envoyer un e-mail à ou nous appeler au +41 27 323 77 77.

Nous attendons avec impatience un printemps et un été radieux dans les Alpes et restons à votre service.

Votre équipe Alpine Homes


Best Advice When Looking for a Ski Property for Sale

You’ve thought about it, dreamt about it, actually considered it as feasible, maybe even started looking for some ski property for sale, and now you’ve finally decided that it is time to become an Alpine home owner. While the desire to become a homeowner in the Alps is strong, you shouldn’t rush into a decision without first considering some important aspects. This is why we’ve put together our best advice when looking for ski property for sale. Here’s our top 5 tips.  

  1. Research popular resorts 

This seems intuitive when looking to buy property in general. Researching the market should always come first, but in the case of ski property for sale, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to research. Popular or high-demand resorts are most obviously the first place to look, but don’t mistake popularity for luxury or high price. Extremely expensive resorts aren’t always the most popular or the only popular ones. While well-known and advertised skiing locations in the Alps can be a sure deal when buying property, the purchasing of a chalet in one of these resorts might also mean a higher price paid when buying, but not a higher income from rent. As such, the best tip when looking for ski property for sale is to research those resorts that are not as expensive, but still quite popular with the skiing aficionados.  

2. Consider up-and-coming resorts  

If you cannot find any property at a reasonable price amongst the popular but less expensive resorts, then try a different market research technique. Dig deeper and see what the trends are. Which is the most likely resort to become the next big thing? Find a couple of locations that are the best candidates and start looking for property in the Alps. But since this isn’t a sure deal, there are risks. While the gains might be big since you caught on the trend early and bought your house at a reasonable price, you might also end up with a chalet that isn’t faring as well as you hoped because the trend turned out to be just a fad. So bear in mind that when going for up-and-coming resorts, you might not necessarily strike gold.  

3. Off-season opportunities  

Buying high-altitude property in the Alps will ensure better slopes, but it might also mean fewer opportunities for renting or using off-season. If you are acquiring a chalet with the intention to spend as much time as possible there, even during late spring and summer, then you might want to consider properties at lower altitudes as these generally offer more opportunities for outdoor activities during the warmer months. In terms of ski slopes, you might have to rely on snow cannons for late and early winter, meaning inferior-quality snow. But not everyone is as picky when it comes to the piste on which they are sliding down and it might be worth the risk. This way you will have a chalet that can be used or rented year round. If you are interested in this type of property, be on the lookout for chalets that have nearby picturesque lakes, stunning landscapes, multiple hiking trails, and outdoor activities.    

4. Match the resort’s visitors with the property  

When choosing to buy property in the Alps, it is also essential to know the type of visitors specific to your designated resort. For example, some resorts are more popular with families with children travelling alone or accompanied by family friends, while others cater more to the needs of younger couples or groups of friends and to the needs of younger generations such as millenials. Depending on your location, you should look for property that matches the visitors to make the most out of your chalet. If your chosen resort is extremely popular with families, then invest in a bigger chalet that has amenities fit for a family of four or more and includes a separate space where children can play without disturbing the adults, with a big garden where they can run around all summer long. No point in buying an intimate couples retreat.  

5. Beware of hidden costs 

When looking at ski property for sale, you should always take into account the hidden costs of owning that chalet. Ignoring all the expenses that pertain to the actual purchasing of the property, you should always bear in mind when calculating your budget all the maintenance costs. You won’t be there year round to take care of everything and a leaky roof, a window that doesn’t close properly anymore, or the central heating system not working will be a nightmare for your tenants and for yourself. Consider things carefully before buying, so that you have enough money left for maintenance if needed.  

If you need more information pertaining to purchasing property abroad, you can find useful advice on the website. Make sure you seek out all the advice needed before committing to anything and there will be nothing standing in between you and your dream property in the Alps.