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As travel restrictions ease so has pent up demand, as buyers rush to book their trips to the Swiss Alps in a bid to find their dream alpine home for 2022. However, as they re-evaluate their lives following Covid-19, what is the post pandemic buyer looking for now?

Elyse Constantin at Alpine Homes highlights that if you are thinking about selling your apartment or chalet this winter and want to sell as fast as you can for the best possible price, you will need to maximise the features that property buyers now seek. Here she outlines what they are…

Outdoor space

The lockdowns have forced people to make the most of their outdoor space, whether big or small. If it’s a balcony, terrace, patio or garden, shout about these features. Properties with any kind of outdoor space are now highly sought after, attracting a premium over those that don’t. Having embraced the outdoors, people feel it a far safer way to socialise with friends and family.

Home offices

The ‘work from home concept’ has become a trend across the globe, whether a few days in the week or full time. It has meant that second home owners are utilising their properties around the world more given they can work remotely, securing a change of scenery and in the Alps, fresh mountain air. If buyers are looking at a large family chalet then a designated study/office is highly sought after, especially if it comes with a view. For apartments or smaller chalets, buyers are looking to maximise space for a desk, whether that’s a bedroom or a corner of the living area for example. It’s therefore worth staging your property in some way that reflects the home office potential.

Good internet speeds and mobile networks

With more people socialising and working at home, fast internet is very much at the top of the list for buyers, as is a reliable mobile phone connection. Last year it was revealed that Switzerland has the fastest internet speeds in the world. Combined with 4g phone signal, this is great news for buyers who would like to hang out in the mountains a bit more.



Peace and privacy

Buyers are looking for peace and privacy far more than they were before, especially those with bigger budgets. The higher up the mountain you climb, neighbours become scarcer and the properties more secluded. The appeal is that people want to escape their hectic everyday lives, as well as crowds – most likely due to the pandemic. Being more remote doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to get anywhere, however. The resorts have the infrastructure in place to allow you to get to the shops, restaurants and so on when you need to.

Health and wellbeing

The Swiss Alps are renowned for embedding wellbeing into its lifestyle, but it’s not just for holidays… Property buyers are really tapping into its appeal as well. Clean fresh air, being at one with nature, healing thermal springs, sparkling glaciers, yoga with a mountain view… whether winter or summer, buyers are prioritising resorts which offer these elements, as well as properties which boast the full spa experience - whether that’s within a private chalet or communal facilities in a development.

Dual season

Lockdown forced many people to miss the ski season last year and instead visit in the warmer months when travelling was easier. This has meant that buyers have seen the appeal of being in the Swiss Alps in summer as well as for skiing, to include plenty of outdoor fun such as hiking, cycling, golf, watersports and al fresco dining. Therefore resorts which are open all year round are high on the list for buyers now.

Direct access onto tracks and trails

Ski in ski out properties will never lose their appeal, but buyers have now realised that once the snow melts, they have direct access onto numerous tracks, paths and trails too.


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Thinking about selling?

In order to attract lots of buyer attention, it’s vital that these features are highlighted in the property description on brochures, portals and your estate agent’s website, as well as through professional photographs and on viewings. Do get in touch with a member of the team at Alpine Homes to hear how we would promote all of the amazing qualities of your chalet or apartment to the widest possible audience – we’d love to hear from you.